Spider - Electric Fly Catcher | PLAIN TUBES
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PCI's Spider is the most effective electric Fly Catcher machine that traps flies and other flying pest insects. No unwanted sound, no zapping noise.

Designed for restaurants, fast food establishments, food production, commercial kitchens, supermarkets, bars. This product has been validated to have 70%* more catches that other products in its category.


1. Check the machine before installation. The UV tubes must be checked to ensure no physical damage before plugging in the device.The instruction guide sent with the manual will provide details for installing it successfully.
2. Ensure proper earthing and the plugpoint being used. The device will be delivered in a ready to use condition. Once suspended at the desired location, it can simply be plugged in and switched on.
3. Do not suspend machine at over 8 ft. above floor level. If it is out of the insects flying range it's likely to reduce in effectiveness.
4. Always disconnect power supply before:
Working on or Servicing the machine
- Replacing tubes
Cleaning the fascia

Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Spider machine supplied is warranted against any manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date mentioned.
The said warranty however does not cover the black light fluorescent tubes. These tubes with the machines were tested in our factory before supply and were found to be in satisfactory working condition.
This warranty will not be applicable in case of breakage/damage in normal wear and tear.

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