Catch-A-Roach (Set of 10 traps)
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Catch-A-Roach is a glue-based cockroach trap.

For Homes and Cars!

CATCH-A-ROACH from PCI Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. on Vimeo.

How to use: (As shown in the pictures)

1. Fold the trap along the fold lines.
2. Peel of the top paper to expose the sticky (trap) area.
3. Place the tablet in the centre. Avoid touching it with your bare hands as much as possible.
4. Insert the flap into the cut on the top of the trap to hold it in place.


The ideal place for the trap would be in areas where you have seen high cockroach activity. Since cockroches like dark and damp places, place Catch-A-Roach under sinks, kitchen drawers, etc.
While placing inside your car, place them under car seats on the sides, where its dark and out of leg space. You may also want to try a "no eating in my car" rule for a more lasting effect!

***Each pack contains 10 traps inside

****Please read order details carefully before transacting

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